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Wooden Loft Ladder Dolle REI 45 - Withstand Fire for 45 minutes

Fire-resistant loft ladder range from DOLLE REI 45 complies with EN 13501-2 compliant manufactured to the highest standard for our UK customers.


  • Supplied as a complete unit with a 45-minute fire-rated trapdoor, timber casing and folding loft ladder.
  • Suitable for a structural opening size: 115 x 55cm. or 120 x 70cm.
  • Top-quality pine ladder with non-slip beech treads folding into 3 sections.
  • Suits floor to ceiling heights up to 2.84m.
  • Complete with 56mm insulated trapdoor (white-faced) and draught excluder providing a U-value: 0.96 W/m²K.
  • Timber casing frame height measures 190mm.
  • Complies to EN 13501-2 Approval for Fire-resistant loft ladders - see REI 45 Spec Sheet.
  • No storage space needed in the loft as ladder resides totally on the hatch door.
  • Effortless counterbalance operation.
  • Casing & Trapdoor come rebated to allow for extra tight closing.
  • Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature and make it easier to paint the trapdoor.
  • Supplied with wooden architraves for an improved finish.
  • Pair of plastic ladder feet (black) included.
  • Operating pole included allowing for an easier operation.
  • Optional Timber Balustrade Kit can be viewed here.
  • Optional Metal Loft Exit Grab Rails can be viewed here.
  • Tested according to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).
  • Max working load: 150 kg.
  • Product manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 factor.
  • Manufacturer's Specifications for the REI 45 are available here.
  • Installation Instructions for the REI 45 are available here.


The handrail is screwed directly on to the ladder and ensures safety and comfort.
From a hatch width of 60 cm, these can be additionally mounted without affecting the function of the loft ladder in any way.
The handrails are easy to screw on and always provide reliable assistance when using the loft ladder.

Length 78,6 cm - diameter Ø 20. The length between mounting screws is 68,5 cm

Loft Opening Length115cm120cm
Loft Opening Width55cm70cm
Floor to Ceiling Height281cm285cm
Ladder Footprint126cm126cm
Swing Clearance159cm159cm
Ladder StyleFoldingFolding
Ladder MaterialWoodWood
Trapdoor Thickness56mm56mm
Casing MaterialBlockboardBlockboard
Casing Thickness18mm18mm
Outer Casing Length113cm117.5cm
Outer Casing Width54cm67.6cm
Casing Height19cm19cm
Number of Treads1212
Tread MaterialBeechBeech
Tread Width400mm400mm
Tread Depth83mm83mm
Foot MaterialPlasticPlastic
Max Load Capacity150kg (23.6st)150kg (23.6st)
Fire Resistance45 Minutes45 Minutes


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