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The 350 Wheelbarrow is perfect for moving large loads around your garden

Key Product Features

  • Makes transporting big loads effortless
  • Moves up to four times the load of a normal barrow
  • Designed to relieve strain on arms and back
  • Can withstand up to 350 litres
  • Designed to push, pull and tip with control and ease
  • Makes moving logs, clippings, compost, or manure easy and fast
  • Made from durable, non-corrodible, heavy-duty plastic moulding
  • Can convert to a Barrow Trailer in under a minute with the optional Tow Bar

Extra Product Detail

Henchman’s strong wheelbarrows allow you to transport as much as four times more material than a standard wheelbarrow.

Perfect for professionals, the wheelbarrow’s sleek design allows you to push or pull the load with one or both hands, minimising the risk of injury to your back and arms.

Built to last, the professional polyethylene tub can withstand wet or damp materials without rusting, allowing you to use the wheelbarrow across a huge number of different jobs.

The wheelbarrow is also convertible, changing between a Barrow and a Trailer with just a quick adjustment when purchased with the optional Tow Bar.


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