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Garden Composting Tumbler

Key Features

  • Capacity of up to 190 litres
  • Double layered wall for added insulation
  • Able to process up to 800 litres of compostable material in one season
  • Easy-open lid for hassle-free loading and unloading
  • Lockable bin drum that prevents tipping when filling or emptying
  • Easy to turn even when fully loaded
  • Ideal for small to medium gardens
  • Elevated position to prevent pest infestation
  • Compact design for out-of-sight storage
  • Professionally designed with a 5-year guarantee
  • Option to add various accessories to increase productivity
  • Assembly and own tools (Screwdriver, drill, spanner, mallet) required
  • Designed and manufactured by Lifetime Products

Extra Product Detail

Henchman’s rotating compost bin makes it easy to transform the garden and household waste into nutrient-rich compost all year round.

By decomposing waste easily and quickly, our rotating compost bin allows you to recycle up to 190 litres of garden and kitchen waste every three to four weeks - giving you instant access to nutrient-rich compost without having to go to your local garden centre.

The sleek and easy design features a removable hatch, which makes it easy to add new materials or tip out compost when it’s ready. The rotating drum spins even when completely full, meaning even heavy loads are easy to manage and manage.

The rotating compost bin is raised from the ground to keep pests and vermin away, while the drum lock prevents the barrel from tipping while emptying or filling.

The Henchman rotating compost bin helps you look after your environment, keeps your garden looking clean and tidy and brings you one step further towards self-sustainability.


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