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Extend the Height of the Hi-Step Platform ladder by up to 3ft/0.9m

Increase the versatility of your Henchman Hi-Step ladder with the Hi-Step Extender. The extender is an additional aluminium framework that can be added or removed as necessary without any tools, raising your Hi-Step platform by 3ft. Combined with the 2ft of adjustment in the Hi-Steps legs, this gives your Hi-Step a total platform height adjustment range of 5ft - great if you have a range of heights that you need to work at.

Fits all current aluminium Hi Steps, and works in conjunction with the Trolley Wheels.

Key Product Features

  • Increase the versatility of your Henchman Hi-Step ladder, but increasing the platform height by 3ft
  • Fits all Aluminium Hi-Step ladder
  • Add or remove this extender when necessary
  • Lightweight but strong Aluminium
  • Tested by BSI to 150kg

FREE Delivery to mainland UK addresses (now including Isle of Wight) but excluding parts of Scotland and all other Island postcodes.  Please call before placing an order if unsure. Delivery within 3-5 working days. 


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