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Henchman Tripod Ladder Protective Rubber Shoes

Key Product Features

  • Rubber ladder feet are crucial ladder accessories. Not only do they provide extra grip to keep you safe while working at height, but they also protect surfaces from the clawed foot of the ladder. This means you can use your ladder for indoor tasks such as changing lightbulbs or painting.
  • Designed to fit securely over the clawed aluminium feet of the ladder, they’re easy for you to fit and remove. Whether you’re working indoors, on delicate surfaces or on hard and flat floors, the feet will protect them from scratches, scrapes and dents.
  • Fitting the rubber feet means the ladder doesn’t have to be used for outdoor jobs only. You can use it indoors for tasks such as painting, reaching into high cupboards or changing lightbulbs. Order today and get free delivery in the mainland UK.
  • To see how to fit the Rubber feet to your tripod ladder please watch the video below. FITTING TIP; to help fit the feet for the first time only, soak the feet in hand warm water for 10 minutes. 


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