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Safeguard your ladder and your property

Ladder Pads work surface protectors. 

LADDER PADS are made from soft non-marking foam, prevents surface damage making them ideal for both internal and external walls.  LADDER PADS are suitable for both tradespersons and for working at home. the reversible design and universal fit makes this great product an essential accessory for the top of the ladder and reduces the risk of side-ways movement.

The essential accessory for Decorators, Shop Fitters, Window Installers, Window Cleaners and the DIY user who cares about his property and his ladder safety.

Universal Fit.
Improves Safety.
Prevents Marking.
Prevents Surface Damage.
Resists Paints, Stains, thinners and Solvents.
Reversible Design

These come boxed and in pairs.

Laddermat Anti-Slip Leveller

A quick and simple way to level your ladder and avoid unnecessary accidents

Ladders can be a problem on sloping or uneven ground. How do you climb up to clean windows, clear gutters, or paint without toppling to one side? Or on a smooth surface, how do you stop the ladder feet from sliding away from the wall? Or sinking into soft ground? Laddermat can provide the solution to all of these.

Four mats, made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules, are linked by a sturdy metal loop and offer adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under the ladder foot needing extra height. Or can be put under both feet to reduce the risk of slipping or sinking into soft ground.

Max. extra height - 6.5cm (2/5)Max. ladder width - 63cm (25)

Each mat measures 24cm x 17 cm (9 x 6.5)

Independent Testing Report carried out by Product Approvals L<td>., Coalport House, Stafford Park, Shropshire TF3 3BDdated 6/4/2017   


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