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A Ladder Stand-Off Designed for Coloums, Pillars and Poles

The Lighting Collar

The Lighting Collar secures the top of the ladder to lighting columns, street furniture columns, traffic light columns, and telegraph poles.

  • Unique double fork. Unlike ordinary centring devices, the upper and lower forks counter each other and virtually eliminate twisting on columns
  • Self-adjusting. The pivoting action keeps both forks firmly on a column as it moves under load, regardless of the ladders angle
  • Flexible fitting. Fits around any column diameter regardless of straight, tapered or stepped profiles
  • Tailored sizes. The forks can be made to any length upon order
  • Fits aluminium, glass fibre, and timber ladders. All popular makes and classes
  • Single piece design. To suit all applications without any adjustment
  • Quick fitting. Takes a few minutes, simply tighten two knurled nuts. No tools required
  • Operating instructions areavailable here.
  • Item Length 440mm
  • Item Height 270mm
  • Item Width 235mm
  • Item Weight 2Kg


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