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Keeping things on the level

Laddermat anti-slip ladder leveller

FREE delivery applies to mainland UK only with the exception of some Scottish postcodes - please call us for a quote ahead of purchasing if you are unsure

GOLD AWARD WINNING LADDERMAT anti-slip ladder leveller is made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules and is fully adjustable, ideal for use on sloping or uneven ground, also forms an anti-slip mat for the base of the ladder preventing the ladder feet from sinking into soft ground or grass.
LADDERMAT offers adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under the ladder foot/feet, or stabilising bar needing the extra height to level the ladder. When using LADDERMAT with a ladder fitted with a stabilising bar or a step ladder, individual mats can be easily removed and replaced by opening the joint in the handle slightly. UK Patent GB 2371 594.


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