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The UK Manufactured Aluminium Folding Scaffold Tower - Modular Design available in 8 Heights - 0.6m to 6.1m.

Build the Scaffold Tower Size YOU want and when YOU want it

Please note LIFT06 is not supplied with stabilisers.

The Hilyte LIFT is perfect for use where storage space is an issue. It is tested and certified to BSEN1004:2004
Through the trap design for safe assemble and dismantle. Folding base mechanism for quick assembly, easily transported in an estate car or small van.

  • Gives user flexibility can be used as a base or full height or any height between.
  • The base can be used alone or increased using extra components to achieve 7 additional heights
  • Complies to BS1139 (PART 3) 1994 and HD1004.
  • Narrow width for small spaces (700mm).
  • Quick Locking Braces. Quick-release pull rings with a stainless steel pin on all bracings for easy assembly
  • Quick assembly, much quicker than a normal tower.
  • All Platforms above LIFT 06 have trap door deck.
  • All Platforms include  Aluminium Toeboard Sets
  • The individual decks have a maximum capacity of 275kg.
  • Adjustable Legs for uneven ground can be fitted as an extra
  • Stabilisers can be up-graded from Standard Stabilisers on 2.1m, 3.1m, and 3.6m.
  • Dual Locking Wheels (125mm) included. Although 150mm available at extra cost.
  • Telescopic stabilisers optional extra.
  • The Manufacturer's Full Specifications are available here
  • The Lyte LIFT Tower User Instructions are available here 

LIFT Folding Tower Size Comparison

LIFT 061.6m0.6m45.8kg
LIFT 162.6m1.6m74.9kg
LIFT 213.1m2.1m80.7kg
LIFT 314.1m3.1m112.1kg
LIFT 364.6m3.6m115.7kg
LIFT 465.6m4.6m143.1kg
LIFT 516.1m5.1m148.9kg
LIFT 617.1m6.1m180.3kg


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